Ventura Acupuncture Clinic

Services & Fees



Enjoy acupuncture, cupping, other modalities, and customized herbal, dietary, lifestyle & exercise recommendations. 1 hr. $120 new patients, $95 follow-ups.


Design your private Community Acupuncture event. Rates start at $150. Contact for details. Only for private events (not an ongoing event).


Initial Herb Consult

Nourish your health with a personalized herbal treatment plan, and dietary, lifestyle & exercise recommendations for optimal health. 1 hr, $120. Does not include cost of herbs.

Follow-up Herb Consult

30 min, $75.


Yoga Private Session

Create individualized sequences, focus on specific poses, and ignite your practice goals. 1 hr, $120.

Yoga Private Group

Customize a yoga class for your business, party, or group. 1 hr. Rates start at $150. Contact for details.


Health Consultation

Individualized Chinese medicine & holistic resources to support your thriving health. Includes dietary, lifestyle, mindfulness & movement practices. 1 hr, $120.

InterPlay Focus Session

Playfully explore your desired area of focus thru guided improvisational movement, vocalization, and story-telling. 1 hr, $120.

Gift Card

Bring a smile to someone you love with the gift of health. Give an acupuncture treatment, yoga class, herbal consultation, or custom course! Price varies, based on service.