Botanical Medicine

Radiate health from the inside out

Enjoy customized formulas, gentle remedies, action steps for vibrant health, and both Chinese & Western herbs just for you.

Your Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultations are included in your acupuncture treatment.

Or, book your online consultation for a full health assessment, written list of suggestions, and individualized treatment plan.

Herbs are sold separately, and not included in the consultation fee. Your unique formula may include herbal granules, teas/ infusions, tinctures, and/ or topical applications.

Before your consultation
  • Book your first appointment here.
  • Receive a welcome email. Complete & return new patient paperwork before your consult.
During your consultation
  • Assessment: We'll discuss your health history, lifestyle & goals in detail.
  • Treatment: Discuss your customized treatment plan, which may include herbs, exercises, and more.
After your consultation
  • Purchase, grow, or gather your herbs.
  • Take recommended herbs regularly.
  • Follow lifestyle & other recommendations.
  • Book your next appointment. See you soon!

How to Take Botanical Medicine

Internal Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicines are extracted/ prepared in different ways. Follow your prescribed dosage/ frequency.

Tea/ infusion 

Often lighter parts, like leaves/ flowers. Place dried herbs into hot water. Steep 10- 15 min, then strain & sip.

Steep nourishing infusions or overnight infusions 1 oz of dried herb per 1 quart jar overnight, then strain & sip.


Often heavier parts (ie. roots/ stems), or Chinese formulas. Lightly boil dried herbs for 20- 60 min, then strain & sip.


Plants extracted in alcohol. Click the dropper into your mouth. Dosage varies from 1 drop to 2 dropperfuls.


Encapsulated botanical powders/ granules. Swallow with water, following prescribed dosage/ frequency.


Individual plants or complete Chinese herbal formulas extracted then suspended in a medium. Place 1-3 tsp into a cup, cover with warm/ hot water, then imbibe following prescribed dosage/ frequency.


Dried herbs crushed into a powder. Take with food, mix with water, or roll into honey pills.


Food is medicine. Understand & eat the nutritional/ medicinal benefits of common foods/ spices.

Topical Botanical Medicine

Apply as needed/ directed onto your skin/ affected areas.


Plants infused in different oils. Some oil infusions are for both edible & topical use.

Balm/ Salve

Oil infusions hardened with a binding agent, often beeswax.


Plants extracted in water (tea/ infusion/ decoction). Cover affected area with extraction- soaked cloth, or immerse affected area in extraction.


When hot water extraction is complete, remove from heat, then carefully stand with towel over affected area & extraction for 1- 10 min.

Poultice/ Plaster

Place crushed plants directly/ indirectly onto affected area. Let sit then remove, or cover with cloth bandage for prolonged exposure.


Plants extracted in alcohol, often for topical use only. Alcohol is absorbed quickly, for fast- acting benefits, often for acute care.

Other Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is both ancient & modern, with continual changes/ discoveries. This is not a comprehensive list.

Growing Plants

Growing plants, botanical identification, & lifelong herb- learning increases access to botanical medicines, and joyous interactions.

Essential Oils

Highly concentrated extractions. Only for extremely diluted topical use, or diffused for aromatherapy. Do not ingest.

Flower Essences

Energetic plant preparations with highly diluted plant material. For internal/ topical use.


Incense may be in powder, stick, cone, block, or bundle forms. Burn for fragrance, heat, energetic, or other purposes.