Acupuncture supports your body's self- healing abilities.

We gently place thin disposable needles into specific points along meridians. This reduces pain & inflammation, increases circulation & range of motion, normalizes physiological function, decreases side effects from medication- induced nausea, promotes relaxation, reduces muscle spasms, and nourishes healthy resilience. Acupuncture also treats internal medicine conditions and whole systems wellness, such as emotional, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gynecological health.

Conditions Treated

Jiling specializes in managing pain, chronic illness, and emotional wellness for healthcare professionals, artists, and athletes in Ventura, CA. This is not a comprehensive list, as Chinese medicine is a complex holistic system, addressing both acute and chronic conditions. We treat the person, not the illness. Book your appointment for a detailed assessment of your unique health needs!


high blood pressure • heart disease • high cholesterol • stroke recovery • angina


constipation • diarrhea • acid reflux • gas • bloating • nausea • morning sickness • indigestion • irritable bowel syndrome


anxiety • depression • stress • insomnia • addictions • smoking cessation • drinking cessation • drug cessation • panic attacks • anger • PTSD • cognitive decline • life transitions • spiritual direction


hormonal imbalances • diabetes


PMS • cramps • amenorrhea • painful menses • irregular menses • infertility • menopause • hot flashes • PCOS • endometriosis • pregnancy discomfort • morning sickness


adjunct cancer treatment • immune support • Lupus • Lyme disease

Male Health

erectile dysfunction • prostatitis • BPH


migraines • headaches • stroke • Parkinson's • trigeminal neuralgia • Bell's palsy • shingles • multiple sclerosis • vertigo • Meniere's • neuropathy • paresthesias


sports injuries • arthritis • acute sprains • sciatica • post- surgical pain • fibromyalgia • TMJ • tendonitis • back pain • neck pain • shoulder pain • frozen shoulder • foot pain • knee pain • carpal tunnel • wrist pain • sprained ankle • plantar fasciitis • joint pain • joint stiffness • muscle spasms • soft tissue pain/ inflammation


digestion • recurrent colds/ flus • ear infection • ADD/ ADHD


asthma • allergies • sinusitis • cough • common cold • flu


acne • eczema • dermatitis • psoriasis • rashes • scars • scar tissue pain • herpes • hives • shingles


UTI • frequent/ painful urination

More Modalities

Jiling incorporates various other Chinese medicine and holistic tools.


Using gentle heat, we vacuum- suction glass cups onto various areas of the body. Cupping decompresses muscles & soft tissues, increases circulation, promotes relaxation, and releases pain.

E- Stim

Aka. "Electrical Stimulation," or "Electro- Acupuncture." Connecting needles to a micro/ milli current initiates light muscular contractions, encourages cellular regeneration, and releases tension to reduce chronic pain, radiating nerve pain, and pain in multiple locations.

Health Consult

We prescribe therapeutic dietary, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations to support your health. This includes herbs and yoga.


Warming the Mugwort plant (Artemisia vulgaris) near/ on acupuncture points increases local circulation through heat.


Lightly scraping a guasha tool along the skin draws toxins to the surface, alleviating both musculoskeletal and internal conditions.

Tuning Forks

By applying tuning forks to acupressure points, we balance your body through vibration and sound frequencies. Gentle and relaxing, these are wonderful for children and those sensitive to needles.

Your Acupuncture Treatment

Before Your Treatment

  • Book your first appointment here
  • Complete new patient paperwork at least 24 hours before treatment
  • Wear comfortable loose- fitting clothes & eat a light meal/ snack

During Your Treatment

  • We'll discuss your health history/ concerns, then conduct physical assessments
  • Your diagnosis determines your treatment. I'll explain your individualized treatment process & treatment plan. Most treatments begin with cupping, followed by acupuncture.
  • Rest
  • Needle removal & herbal/ dietary/ lifestyle recommendations with treatment plan

After Your Treatment

  • Book your follow- up appointments
  • Hydrate, eat well, rest, have a wonderful day
  • Follow lifestyle recommendations

Covid19 Precautions

  • We follow stringent patient- screening and clinic- cleaning protocols
  • Masks are required
  • Please wait outside. We'll text you when we're ready
  • Please sanitize your hands immediately upon entry & exit
  • Do not bring other visitors. (Please notice us in advance, if it's necessary)
  • Please cancel your appointment if, within the past 14 days, you have experienced COVID19 symptoms or been in close contact with someone with COVID19

Frequently Asked Questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture usually does not hurt. We insert ultra- thin needles into carefully chosen locations. You might feel the initial light prick, but that sensation usually subsides quickly. Sometimes, you may experience tingling or warmth. This indicates that the treatment is active. Most people feel deeply relaxed and fall asleep during acupuncture. Needle- free treatments are also available, such as cupping, herbs, or other modalities.

How does acupuncture work?

The meridians are like rivers flowing through your body. If your river's blocked in one/ more places, then it blocks other areas/ systems further down the line. Acupuncture opens up blockages and frees the meridian- river's flow, creating whole- systems ease and vibrant health. Acupuncture also releases endorphins, regulates hormones and brain chemicals, and optimizes balanced homeostasis.

Why do you look at my tongue and take my pulse?

Chinese medicine diagnosis includes observation, inquiry, and palpation. Your tongue and pulse reflect your whole body's health, beyond what we can discern from questions alone. This helps us form a detailed, comprehensive, and accurate differential diagnosis and nuanced treatment plan.

What training do acupuncturists go through?

Acupuncture regulations vary from state to state in the USA. Most states require graduation from a CCAOM- accredited university, then passing rigorous NCCAOM licensing examinations in both Western & Chinese medical anatomy, physiology, pathology, theory, and treatment. The California Acupuncture Board requires at least 2050 hours of didactic curriculum, with 950 hours of supervised clinical instruction. This takes 3 to 7 years of school, and a lifetime of continued education. Chinese medicine is an art, science, and regulated licensed medical practice!