Jiling teaches yoga, botanical medicine, wilderness awareness, and other custom individual/ group classes, workshops, and retreats both locally & internally.


A daily commitment to movement increases circulation, vitality, and fully embodied expression. Yoga, and other movement practices, are integrated into your treatment plan.


Private Sessions

Jiling customizes mindful movement, breath, and lifestyle changes, to support your current needs and yoga/ life goals.

Public Classes

Jiling teaches weekly yoga classes around Ventura county.


Embody empowered expressive vitality in beautiful locations around the world. Design a day- long or multi-day wellness retreat for your event or organization.

Botanical Medicine Classes

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Identify local plants. Discover their edible/ medicinal uses and folklore. Deepen your understanding and appreciation for our green neighbors.

Jiling offers plant walks, herbal medicine-making, body systems' materia medica, lectures, discussions, and other personalized herb classes for individuals organizations.


Teaching Experience

Past Locations


  • Jai Rhythm Yoga
  • Ventura Pop Up Yoga
  • Hitchcock Children's Center
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Aum Vibe
  • Yoga Vidya (India)
  • Deer Park Institute (India)
  • Annamaya Yoga (China)
  • Rising Light Center (Taiwan)
  • Foundation of Light (NY)

Outdoor Education

  • Where There Be Dragons (China)
  • Two Coyotes Wilderness School (CT)
  • Great Hollow Wilderness School (CT)
  • Teaching Drum Outdoor School (WI)
  • Orchard Hill Farm (NH)
  • Mahalo Arts Center (VT)
  • Indier (China)