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Yoga Philosophy

Daily movement increases circulation, vitality, and fully embodied expression. Link breath with movement with attention to alignment, poetical Earth- inspired metaphors, and Chinese medicine holistic concepts. Choose from flowing Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, invigorating Power, and nourishing Restorative style classes.

Public Classes

Build mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength in Jiling's yoga classes at:

Private Sessions

Create individualized sequences, dive deep into specific poses, and ignite your practice goals through mindful movement, breath, & lifestyle support. Jiling customizes yoga private sessions to meet your current needs, supporting your yoga and life goals. Embody yoga philosophy with a carefully guided practice and hands- on adjustments (optional). Create and cultivate your personal daily yoga asana practice to consistently thrive.

What to Expect
  • A brief consultation to discuss your goals & needs
  • A guided & focused yoga asana practice
  • A typed list of transformative, actionable, and personalized at- home practices
Pricing Options
  • 1 hour session ($80)
  • 30 minute add- on ($50, only with acupuncture treatment)

We'll meet you where you're at online, outdoors, at your home, or in our clinic. Inquire for details.

Workshops & Retreats

Embody empowered vitality in beautiful locations worldwide, and online. Deeply connect with yourself and your environment, discovering insightful nuances. Dive deep. Design a day- long/ multi-day wellness workshop/ retreat for your event/ organization.

Yoga Philosophy

Here's an intro to some of the philosophical underpinnings below the Western understanding of the yoga asana physical practices of yoga.

Ashtanga │ The Eight Limbs of Yoga


Social ethics: Ahimsa (non- violence), Satya (truth), Asteya (non- stealing), Brahmacharya (integrity), Aparigraha (non- attachment)


Personal ethics: Saucha (cleanliness), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (committed practice), Svadhyaya (study), Isvara pranidhana (surrendering into Oneness)


Physical postures. Nourish your body, develop discipline, and cultivate focused attention.


Breathing practices. Understand and consciously connect your breath, mind, and emotions.


Sensory withdrawal. Be aware of yet detached from sensory stimuli, stepping back to objectively observe your habits, cravings, and patterns.


Concentration. Practice single- point focused concentration with attentive awareness.


Meditation. Steady your awareness with easy focus, and a still mind.


Absorption. A state of deep peace and universal interconnection.