Let your body breathe you

Public Classes
  • Build mobility, stability, flexibility & strength
  • Cultivate alignment through Earth-imagery
  • Embody ancient Chinese medicine concepts
  • Enjoy flowing Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, invigorating Power & nourishing Restorative yoga

Yoga & Meditation Online

Private Sessions
  • Create individualized sequences
  • Dive deep into specific poses
  • Support your yoga & life goals
  • Refine your yoga practice & daily rituals

What you get

  • Mindful movement, breath, & lifestyle support
  • A lovingly guided practice
  • Hands-on adjustments (optional)

What to expect

  • We briefly discuss your goals & needs
  • Enjoy a guided & focused yoga practice online, outdoors, or in-clinic
  • Receive a typed list of transformative, actionable, and personalized home practices
Workshops & Retreats
  • Embody empowered vitality in beautiful locations worldwide, and online
  • Deeply connect with yourself and your environment

Design a wellness workshop/ retreat for your event/ organization.