When I came to see Jiling, I had such severe back and right flank pain that I could not sit or bend over without experiencing severe pain. Fortunately, after only two acupuncture and cupping sessions, the pain completely resolved, and I was again able to sit and bend over completely pain free. Additionally, the chronic hamstring tendonitis that I had been experiencing for over two years has almost completely resolved, and I have been able to return to ice- skating and playing hockey again.

David F.

Intensive Care Unit Physician & competitive Ice Hockey athlete

Jiling is amazing. She has helped me through flareups of back pain many times. She is caring, thoughtful and a great listener. She has treated me with a variety of methods including needling, cupping, electrical stimulation acupuncture, and guasha (tool that scrapes over injured muscle and fascia). My back always feels looser and pain- free after seeing her. She has helped me recover quicker and stay more mobile during flareups. We are lucky to have such an excellent acupuncturist in Ventura.

Travis K.

Emergency Room Physician, Surfer, Avocado Farmer & Dad

From inflamed muscles to indigestion, from poor sleep to depression, Jiling always has an effective strategy for getting me back to health. Acupuncture with Jiling helped me reduce inflammation, relieve back pain, and cure terrible indigestion. I feel relaxed and pain- free after treatment. Jiling is always so great to talk to and her presence alone feels healing! During the treatment Jiling is extremely gentle and careful, and I always leave the clinic feeling much better.

Linnea S.

Yogi, Acrobat & Singer

Acupuncture with Jiling helps me relieve and heal muscular strains and soreness from surfing, rock- climbing, bicycling, and backpacking. She has treated me for various overuse injuries related to work and sports and never fails to get me feeling better and on the road to recovery. She has also successfully treated me numerous times for work and life related stress with herbal formulas, cupping and needles. I feel calm and loose after treatments. I highly recommend her!

Ben M.

Emergency Room Physician, Surfer, Yogi, Biker & Climber

I had suffered a twisting back injury getting out of bed one morning two weeks prior to my acupuncture appointment with Jiling. I had seen a doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication without much relief. It only took "one" session with Jiling to have 95% pain relief. During the session I could feel the pain going away instantaneously. My muscles felt so relaxed and not as tense. When I got off the treatment bed, I felt like I was walking on air. I slept so well that night. The pain completely went away. I have become a completely devoted believer of acupuncture and cupping. My favorite thing about visiting the clinic is being in the presence of Jiling. Jiling has a healing soul and I can perceive she loves her calling as a healer. Jiling is the best acupuncturist!

Maura G.

Pediatric Unit Nurse Practitioner

Jiling is my go- to acupuncturist. She's great at what she does! She takes into account all aspects of my health (mental, emotional, physical) and treats for a variety of conditions. I have found great pleasure in working with her. I always feel better afterward, and I trust her to meet what my mind/body needs for that day.

Anna K.

Physical Therapist, Climber, Runner & Surfer

I love my cupping and acupuncture treatments with Jiling! I try and go Sunday evenings because it ends the weekend and starts the next week perfectly: calm, relaxed, and pain free! She's gentle and always checks in if I'm doing ok and am comfortable. My pinched cervical spine nerve issues have improved tremendously and I'm so thankful! HIGHLY recommend!!

Erin L.

Professor & Baseball Coach

Jiling was my yoga instructor at my rock climbing gym. Jiling has this amazing ability to make everyone feel at home. The classes she holds are constantly evolving, tailoring to both the collective as well as to individuals' needs and goals. But aside from the wonderful classes, I can not speak enough about Jiling's energy and passion. I can't wait to attend more classes!

Roland F.

Pilot, Climber & Runner

Jiling blends incredible technical skill and efficiency with an intuitive knowing and deep care for her patients. I feel so seen and held in my sessions! The treatment she offered helped catalyze a dramatic shift leading to positive transformation in my health, and ultimately greater wellbeing. Also the treatments felt very tailored to my needs that day and really addressed my concerns specifically.

Paula W.

Yoga Teacher, Mountaineer & Adventuress

I've been working with Jiling monthly for over a year. She has helped me work through a variety of health- related concerns, work and life stress, emotional trauma, as well as supported my well- being as an active woman (yoga, hiking, backpacking, climbing). Jiling creates a wonderful space for therapeutic physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth. She listens deeply to the needs of her clients, and both creates and adapts her treatment plans in a seamless, flowing way to meet your needs each visit. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. Highly recommend. Thanks Jiling!

Lori H.

Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Climber & Adventuress

Jiling's kind and welcoming spirit is always a breath of fresh air. She listens attentively to what is happening in my physical, emotional, and spiritual reality and then tailors my treatment to address my various concerns. I walk out of her office feeling rested, relaxed, and supported. I highly recommend Jiling's healing practice to anyone who needs a little support in life.

Kaitlin B.

Adventuress, Water Woman & Entrepreneur

Jiling is so knowledgeable, friendly, and gentle! She really takes her time hearing exactly what your concerns are and I had a great first-time acupuncture experience with her. I leave each session feeling relief and more understanding with whatever pain my body has been going through. Highly recommend!

Vanessa B.

Photojournalist & Yogini

Jiling is truly a gifted herbalist and healer. Her recommendations on altering my daily routine and addition of certain herbal remedies has drastically changed my overall energy and vitality. She is a deep listener and takes great care in connecting with her clients to meet them where they are at, and help them in their health and wellness journey. I can't recommend her services enough!

Meaghan O.

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Outdoorswoman

I met with Jiling to help me with jaw tension and general stress. Her presence is instantly calming! She did great work including cupping, acupuncture, and gave me several informational references on at- home techniques to reduce tension and stress. I highly recommend her to others looking for pain management and stress reduction techniques.

Candace B.

Emergency Room Nurse, Surfer & Adventuress

I've noticed a huge positive shift in my overall physical and mental wellness after working with Jiling! She makes me feel safe and fully seen and heard. After each session, I feel simultaneously peaceful and energized, in a balanced way. This feeling seems to expand more after each session, and now I can feel my body lovingly say, "Thank you." Jiling's expertise is also a gift when it comes to offering practical guidance on self care methods. If you want to experience a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation, sprinkled with authenticity and wisdom, then go see Jiling!


Artist, Musician & avid Hiker

Jiling is much more than a physical healer. She listens to my feelings and is so kind and caring. She makes me feel instantly welcomed and comfortable, is very knowledgeable, and has great advice! I was having a touch day when I arrived, and was crying. The first thing she said was, "It's okay to cry here." I left feeling better both physically and mentally.

Megan P.

Climber, Through- Hiker & Adventuress

Jiling is AMAZING! She has worked wonders on my tension headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. I highly recommend her acupuncture and cupping services. She is also extremely kind and sweet.

Cynthia B.

Nurse Practitioner

I've had a wonderful experience seeing Jiling for acupuncture. She is very detailed in her initial intake questions and before each session, to focus on my needs. She has a calm and pleasant demeanor which is very comforting. The acupuncture and cupping treatments have helped relieve my chronic pain and other issues. I appreciate that she sends an email after each session with herbs and lifestyle suggestions.

Sarah D.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse Practitioner

I have been a professional athlete most of my life and have seen hundreds of therapists, etc... never has any one of them been able to do what Jiling has! Her attention to detail and knowledge of her craft is second to none! To put it simply she is the best!

Alex B.

Surfer, Biker, & Artist